Climbing season

Why is it only allowed to climb in summer?

Japan is a country of nature. People enjoy each season.

Mt.Fuji trail opens only early July to mid September.

There might be some snow left in the beginning of each season.

Some trail cannot be opened because of snow. In that case, you have to use the same trail that is normally used as climbing up trail.

It is strictly forbidden to climb Mt.Fuji after the season has finished. It is for your safety.
There are many accident happened in winter season.

Most of huts are closed and the temperature dropping down to below freezing point.

When Mt.Fuji is opened ?

information about 2024 schedule.

Open dateEntrance
7/1Yoshida route
7/10Fujino miya route
7/10Gotenba route
7/10Subashiri route

When Mt. Fuji is closed ?

information about 2024 schedule

Close dateEntrance
9/10Yoshida route
9/10Fujino miya route
9/10Gotenba route
9/10Subashiri route

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Visiting in September and October?

Visiting Mt.Fuji in September and October is still possible. Some huts are still open but most of them are located only in station 5 or station 6.
However those huts also close due to weather condition. Opening period is always depends on snow condition.
If you hike during late September and October, please check the weather condition and also contact hut directly by phone.
These hut below are open till October.(the condition might be changes, please always contact to each hut.)

Fujinomiya trail
HoueiSanso in Station6 open till the end of October
Phone: 090-7607-2232

Unkaiso in Station6 open till middle of October
Phone: 090-2618-2231

Yoshida trail
Sato koya in station5 open till the end of October
Phone: 090-3133-2230

Seikanso in station6 open till early of October
Phone: 0555-24-6090

Subashiri trail
Higashi Fuji Sanso in station6 open till early of November
Phone: 090-3254-5057

Winter season(December to May) is VERY DANGEROUS!

Please do not underestimate winter Mount Fuji.
Climbing out of season is seriously dangerous. For your safety, please keep in mind and stop climbing in winter.

See how Mt.Fuji looks like in winter.