Why delivery to Airbnb could be a reason of trouble?

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Delivery to Airbnb apartment is possible if you receive 100% OK permission from your host, and host also has to say YES about delivery to us when we called them.

We experienced many troubles including delivery failure and other trouble cause by delivery to Airbnb apartment.

If you wish to be delivered to Airbnb apartment, you have to be responsible to handle any trouble happened. You also have to discuss with your host about delivery arrangement.
We do not help about delivery arrangement after we have handed to shipping company.

Once you place your rental order with Airbnb apartment as delivery address, it is necessary for us to make confirmation to your host by calling them.
This is to avoid delivery failure, however 95% of Airbnb host DO NOT OFFER you or us the correct shipping address because of security reason.
Please note that even the host allows you the delivery once, They might conclude with NO RECEIVING after we have called them when we confirm delivery by call.

The Airbnb host even asks us and let us tell you that the host actually did not want any delivery item because their English ability could not make it happen or other reason. One of the reason they could not say Yes about delivery or the reason they could not say “no receiving” is because they are scared of bad review for their apartment or for the host themselves.

There are many other reason that Airbnb host cannot accept delivery, it is not 1 reason.
So you should respect their culture and their wish. If they do not want, the answer is NO.

Please also understand that “Saying No” is very difficult in Japanese culture. You should respect it and consider others because Japanese people are not good at expressing their feeling directly.

No respect to others can cause huge trouble not only for host but also Airbnb apartment neighbors, delivery company driver and us, and it is considered serious offence in Japanese culture.

Airbnb is NOT hotel. just a place to stay.
You should know that you are actually asking an exception to your host if you wish to deliver gear to your Airbnb apartment.
So you should understand there are many case that you could probably concluded with NO RECEIVING and you must accept it.