I’ll be moving around Japan before the climb but I already sent an email request to the hotel (waiting for confirmation) if it would be possible for them to receive the gear prior to my arrival. I can check the size of the item at the night of July 6 because that’s when I will arrive at Tokyo. I’m just worried about the shoe size, if it doesn’t match can I still return for size change by night of July 6?

This question has these situation:

Her Hotel check in: July 8
She wish to receive gear on July 6th, that is prior to her hotel check in date.
But she is asking confirmation to her hotel to receive gear from us on 6th of July and She got permission from hotel.

Our Answer:

Yes, If you can check your size on the night of 6, it will be possible for you to receive by 8th.
I understand you worry about shoe size. As soon as you receive it and if it does not fit you, you can keep the unfit size and just order “size change” from here: Size change
The size change order has to be done by 15:00pm on 7th for delivery reason. Then you will receive it by 8th. Because of delivery company, you have to place size change order by 3pm, otherwise they do not deliver new size item.
After you used the gear, please return everything together, I mean the one you used and the one you did not use(the unfit shoes) together.