Please see my Mt.Fuji trip plan(2days trip), and give some advice.

* the most early bus from hotel leaves at 5.47 and arrives at 7.02 at Tokyo Station.
> GOOD! I hope no big delay!



* i take the Marounouchi subway Line from Tokyo St to Shinjuku Station
> How about using JR line?
I am not TOKYO people but I think JR line looks easier.
I think many JR train going to Shinjuku.

* At Shinjuku Station EXIT West OR EXIT A12/A14 underground passage ?
> According to the web site of “Shinjuku bus terminal”, you are right but go WEST.

If you are using JR line, also go to west to reach Shinjuku express bus terminal.

* to Shinjuku Expressway bus terminal OR Keio Highway Bus Terminal ?

> it is actually the same, but Shinjuku busterminal is more familier for many people.
Just go to Shinjuku bus terminal.

* i guess i need to take the 8.40 bus although I arrive at 7.02 at Tokyo Station and 40 min I won’t make it.

> Yes, better to take enough time. From Tokyo to Shinjuku, is about 15-20minutes.

* can I book the bus at ? OR is there another website i need to book ?
here you can book, your bus. in English.
TOKYO- Mt.Fuji 5th station

* arrival at 11.00, pay fee 1000¥
> yes, entrance fee
you might get an suvenior.

* start climbing at 12.00
> OK

* arrival Toyo-kan 16.00
> HOpefully!



Start climbing to summit 23.00
> GOOD! I hope your sleep a little.

* arrive exhausted at summit at 3.30 and thank you for your help & Njoy 😉
> I think so! very tired

* is it possible that you book a room in Toyo-kan a small room on Monday the 6th of July?
>I called to TOYOKAN and they said you can only book an Large room because you are alone.
Large room can be booked.

* is the dinner included ? I read the small room is 10.000¥ incl breakfast & diner. I need to pay cash at the hut 10.000¥ ?
> Yes, dinner and breakfast(looks like an lunch box).
And you are required to pay by cash.

* what do you think about clothing : winterjacket or layers of clothes ? Because i guess it will be hot at the 5th and freezing at the top.
> I think you better bring an fleece jacket or sweater like stuff.
And some rain jacket.
I heard the wind is very strong there so you better prepare yourself for stong wind and rain.
I think it is actually easy if you are in AMS.hahaha.
I have my packing list here so please use it.

I hope this helps you prepare more.