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    I am plannning to go to Mt.Fuji trekking in August.

    If possible could you check my plan somebody ?
    Our plane is below
    1st day we arrive in Nagoya international airport .
    2nd day to 3rd day we enjoy in Nagoya.
    4th day, we go fujinomiya city by bus in the morning.
    Then we start trekking,we do not stay in mountain hut.
    5th day I think maybe we can finish trekking right ?

    And coming back to Nagoya same day.
    6th day we leave from Nagoya. Back to Thailand.

    How do you think about this plan?
    Do somebody have good idea about my trip ?

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    Hi. I’m so glad to write here to you about your trip to Japan.
    You have such an excited plan in Japan. That would be absolutely fun!

    Regarding the Mt. Fuji climbing, if there are still possibilities in your schedule, I recommend you to stay at a hut for a while at any station preferably 7th or 8th station, in order to take some rest and adapt your body to the change in altitude. As it seems that you will arrive at the Fujinomiya Trail in the afternoon, you would have enough time to stay at a hut on the way to the summit. Take some nap and set for the summit again at midnight, and then see such famous sun rising. After descending the mountain, you can still much time to come back to Nagoya on the same day if you don’t mind arriving late.
    It is one option that I recommend you, but it’s your choice of course.

    For your information, in case you decide to use a hut to stay, it would be better to book it in advance since it is very crowded thru the climbing season.

    Hope you have great experience in Japan. Thanks.

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