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    I have been looking for a hotel or guest house to receive rental gear.
    I emailed to several host about receiving rental gear however I still do not get answer from them.
    Maybe they do not speak English?
    Well, If you know any specific hotel or guest house, please tell me. Or are you possible to ask any hotel to receive package for me?

    Thank you very much

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    Thank you for your question.
    Most of the hotels in Japan will receive a delivery item at the reception.
    If you are going to stay in Shizuoka prefecture, our partner “Nasubi Mt.Fuji Backpackers” will the best option for you.
    They receive our rental gear package and will hand to you upon arrival.
    They have more mt.fuji information and we are sure that they will be very helpful for you.

    Some of the guest houses or Airbnb accommodation will not accept delivery item even we call them and ask.
    So We recommend you to stay in hotels.

    Normally we call to each of the hotels to receive packages for our customers.
    If you have more information or any personal question, please write to info@kobeoutdoor.com

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