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    Hi we are interested in visiting Mount Fuji.
    If somebody know about bus information, what I would like to know is…
    Do we need to book bus in advance?
    We are not sure what time to visit, so it is difficult for us to fix it.

    Can we buy ticket just before we get on bus?
    We are leaving from Shinjuku.


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    Hi. I’m glad to advise you a bit about buses for Mt.Fuji.
    From Shinjuku station, Express buses run for Mt. Fuji area every half hour from early morning to midnight.
    In summer, there are some direct buses to Mt. Fuji 5th station on Yoshida Trail.
    Even if you cannot take the direct one, take a bus for Kawaguchiko Station and then transfer to a route bus to get to the Mt. Fuji 5th station.
    It is not essential to reserve a seat in advance.
    You can easily purchase it before you get on at the ticket counter of Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal which is located a two-minute-walk of Shinjuku Station New South Gate.

    Just for your information, I attach a website which has some more detailed information such as route maps and time schedule.



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