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    I have a few questions about climbing Mount Fuji. I will have to do it over one night (to see the sunrise) which the website says is NOT advised.
    In order to avoid altitude sickness but still make it in time to see the sunrise, how do you suggest I do it?

    How long does it usually take to get used to the altitude? For example, if I rest for 30 min to 1 hour at each station on the way up, would that be enough for most people?

    Second part:
    I will be coming from Osaka and my friend will be coming from Tokyo. It looks like Fujinomiya is the best for me to access but I think my friend wants to do the Yoshida trail. It is significantly more expensive for me to get to yoshida trail by train. Is there a cheap way from Osaka?

    Are the two trails (Fujinomiya and Yoshida) very different in terms of difficulty?

    Sorry so many questions. I just want to make sure we do it right and we don’t get sick. Any help is appreciated!

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    Please check this website about altitude sickness. http://www.fujisan-climb.jp/en/risk/index.html
    Unless you get sick very seriously, you can do it. If you get some sick, you will go down in a few hours, and you will recover. In Yoshida trail you can see the sunrise anywhere. Even if you can’t get the summit because of sickness, you will find beautiful scenery.
    A cheap way from Osaka to Yoshida trail is using buses.The bus leaves at night and arrives in morning. It costs 8700 yen in one way. Please check this website.
    There are 4 trails. Please check this website. http://www.fujisan-climb.jp/en/trails/index.html
    It is said that Yoshida trail is easiest way. Both Yoshida trail and Fujinomiya trail will be very crowded so please give yourself extra time.
    I wish you a nice trip!

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