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    My daughter and I would like to know if we can take a train from Narita airport to stay overnight at one of the hotel near by Mt. Fuji so we can climb and watch the sun rise the next morning. Our flight landed in Narita at 3:00 pm. Please recommend a hotel to stay and if 2 night and one day at mt. fuji is sufficient because we have a total of 4 nights and 5 days in Japan and we also like to see Tokyo city sightseeing as well. Please could someone give us an advice on this trip. thank you very much for your advice.

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    Here’s some ideas that might fit your travel plan.
    A) You don’t stay over night at hut, just go climb up to the top straight from the Narita airport. You start to climb around 8:00PM from 5th station and arrive at the top around 3:30AM. Then you will be able to see the sunrise. But the Shizuoka government does’t recommend to do this because there’re some risks. You have to climb in the dark for a long time and you might get a mountain sickness. There’re still many people try this plan though.

    B) Stay over night at 5th station and you start climbing at 11:00AM next morning so you can adjust your body to the altitude.
    Arrive at 7th or 8th station around 3:30PM and relax at the hut. Then you start climbing again around 24:00PM, and arrive at the top at 3:30AM. This plan costs more but safe. Plus you might been suffering from the jet lag, so considering from the health condition, I’d recommend B plan. If you got sick, you can’t enjoy the rest of the vacation.

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