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    Hi do you know if any of hut can offer vegetarian meal?
    We could not find information from English website. We would like to stay about station 7 or station 8 in Yoshida trail. And If any of hut does not offer vegetarian meal, we have to bring our own. So we would like to know if this is possible for us or not.
    And we are thinking to make call for reservation. Do they speak English? Since the international call costs a lot, I would like to directly connect to an English speaker if possible.

    Thank you very much in advance.

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    Hi. I’m glad to give you some information about the hut in Yoshida Trail which can offer some vegetarian meal there.

    Taishikan at the 8th Station
    TEL: 0555-22-1947

    According to their website, vegetarian meal is also available at their hut.
    As you’ve already planned, it would be better to make a phone call directly to the hut since they need a reservation for the vegetarian meal in advance. Don’t worry, they usually have some English speakers in order to assist foreigners.
    Please find detailed information on above website (at the middle parts of the page).

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