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    Hi I would like to know that if there is any hut with private family room available.
    I will take my son, which is 6 years old and I am not sure if he can relax in the small personal space.
    Also I would like to order Vegetarian meal for all of us.

    DO you know any hut with this condition? thank you very much.

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    Hi. I’m glad to leave some information here about your inquiry, but unfortunately I could not find any hut which applies to your condition . At this moment, I give you some information about some huts which have private rooms for families, and others with vegetarian meal service although their rooms are not private ones.

    <Private rooms>
    1. Kamaiwa-kan at the 7th Station on Yoshida Trail. You can find some general information about the hut on their website.

    Mt. Fuji Mountain Lodge Hut kamaiwakan

    Their English website doesn’t indicate the prices for private rooms and so please see the following price list.

    Private room/no meals 34,800 yen(Monday to Thursday), 37,800 yen(Friday, Sunday, National Holiday), 45,500 yen(Saturday, Day before a holiday).
    Semi-private room/no meals 20,700 yen(Monday to Thursday), 22,200 yen(Friday, Sunday, National Holiday), 27,000 yen(Saturday, Day before a holiday).

    2. Toyokan Inn at the 7th Station on Yoshida Trail.
    Please find the detailed information on their English website.

    <Vegetarian meals available>
    – Fujisan Hotel at the 8th Station on Yoshida Trail.
    – Fujikan at the summit on Fujinomiya Trail.
    – Taishikan at the 8Th Station on Yoshida Trail.
    – Sunabashirikan at the 7th Station on Gotemba Trail.
    At any hut, it would be essential to inform them your order of vegetarian meal in advance.

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