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    I will be climbing Mount Fuji from the night of June 30th to July 1st. I was planning on starting to climb around 7PM on Friday and stay in a hut near the summit in order to see the sunrise.

    I am an experienced hiker, however, have never been to Japan or Mt Fuji. I had a few questions

    1. Are the trails clearly marked? If I decided to go up the Gotemba trail at night will I be at risk of getting lost?
    2. Is there parking at the 5th station? I’m planning on going up the Gotemba trail and will be arriving by car from Hakone. Am I going to have any issues driving up to the 5th station and parking there?
    3. Are there any recommended huts on the Gotemba trail?



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    Let me give you some answers to your questions.

    1. To my knowledge, climbing season of Mt. Fuji is quite limited and this year the trails open from July 1st (Yoshida Trail) or July 10th (other trails including Gotemba Trail). Therefore, unfortunately there would be basically no signs or marks yet until that period. So if it’s possible, it would be better to reconsider your schedule maybe a few days later.

    2. Yes, there is a parking space at the New 5th station on Gotemba Trail, as so you can access there by car without any issues. For your information, not like Gotemba Trail, all other trails have some restrictions of access by private cars.

    3. As for huts to stay on Gotemba Trail, you can find some information by following link although there are the smallest number of hut comparing with the other trails. They may not have any English speaker, but accept many foreign guests and so please don’t hesitate to call them to make a reservation.



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