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Trekking poles

¥ 3,800¥ 6,300

  • Telescope trekking pole with anti-shock system
  • Weight: 205 g / pole
  • 2 poles for a single order



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Having a pair of trekking poles helps you to balance your energy while you’re climbing and descending. Anti-shock system greatly helps especially reducing your pain for your knee, arms and back. Our rental trekking poles are constructed 3 section design equipped with adjustable soft-touch wrist straps. Since the souvenir wooden sticks for stamps are available at station 5, however without handling straps may result in some blisters after your Mount Fuji Trip. The poles shrink when not in use that becomes its length only 57cm. and the maximum length is about 120cm. The weight is 205g for each. EVA grip accommodates a variety of hand sizes and positions comfortably. Poles are fitted with trekking baskets and tip protectors.


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