SNOW MONKEY TOUR from Tokyo (1day) and more|★★★★★ Fun visit in Winter Japan

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Would you like to see Monkeys relaxing in Hot spring?
That is So Cute! See this photo here!

photo from jigokudaniyaenkoen

Our partner Japanican offer several tour to see snow monkeys.

The ONLY place that you can see monkeys in hot springs

You can see Monkeys in hot springs Only in winter and also only in this place in the world.

According to Jigogakudani yaen koen website, they were not originally grown to be in hot springs.
One of the monkey had started to be in the hot springs, then all of the monkeys started to do the same like the one who started.

As we feel the same, monkeys are now very much addicted to the winter hot springs, maybe they feel the same like we are in natural hot springs.

Yaen Koen now made a hot springs only for monkeys because of hygienic reason.
Since then this monkey hot spring culture continues till now.

Monkeys in hot springs to keep them warm in winter

Monkeys use hot springs only in winter.
It is said they are avoiding the cold weather in the area.

Jigokudani yaen koen is located in Nagano, well known as one of the coldest place in Japan.

Monkeys will be seen in Hot springs only the tempreture goes down below -10c.
So they do not use hot springs in summer.

Some monkeys do love hot springs, but some not.
The priority for monkeys are still food and communication, so being in hot springs is not so important tasks for them.

As we do everyday life, washing the body or hair are also not the purpose for monkeys to be in the hot springs.
However how they relax in the hot springs are easy to see by their face.
You will encounter the lovely relaxing faces.

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