Gotemba Trail

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Gotemba trail


  • Starting point is lowest. Difference in elevation is very high.
    Distance is very long. Recommended for well trained climbers.
  • Extremely fun to go down the volcanic sand trail.
  • Less huts than other trail. Not many place to rest or for toilet.
    Less places in case of an emergency.
  • Quiet on the way because of less people
  • Easy to get lost because of less target places
  • Can be seen the Sunrise anywhere on the trail.

Difference in elevation

2250 m
( Trail for experienced climber)

How to get there

See the link Access to Mt.Fuji
“Access to Gotemba trail”

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Climber number 2014

16963 people used Gotemba trail. 
( Total climber of Mt.Fuji 2014 summer : 285494 people )

Crowd level

No crowd


Can be seen anywhere on the trail


climb up : 8 hours
climb down : 5 hours

Trip Schedule

2day trip

5:00 Arrivve Station 5
7:00 Start climbing
11:30 Arriving a hut at Station 8
– Lunch
– Check-in the hut
13:30 Arrive the summit
Enjoy time at the summit
15:00 Back to the hut at station 8
Dinner and sleep
4:00 See sunrise at the hut
5:30 Start climbing down
10:30 Arrive station 5

1 day trip (Not recommended)

This trip plan is extremely hard trip, we do not recommend this.
You cannot enjoy this because it leaves you only tiredness.
If you would like to enjoy, we definitely recommend you to plan trip as 2 days trip.

1:00 Arrive station 5
3:00 Start climbing up
12:00 Arrive the summit
13:00 Start climbing down
18:00 Arrive station 5

Better to stay hut?


Comment from locals

Very quiet trail, so you can enjoy your own pace.
Very long way, recommended to climb with somebody.
Need enough exercise.
Great view from anywhere.