Learn quickly about Mt.Fuji climbing trip

Start climbing.Follow the trail.

Walk slowly because you will get tired easily!

See the sighboard.

Yoshida trail is Yellow color.
You will see this several times.Be careful not to make mistakes especially when you go down.
See your destination and trail color!

Small forest pass.

Only in the first part, you will see some trees.

Most of trail are rocky and slippery.

Better using good hiking shoes.
Always bring your rain wear for sudden weather change.

ONLY 3.6 km to the summit

but estimated time 283 minutes… well it is long way.
You are required to use hand sometimes, so better having gloves

Big steps to go up.

Still not at the summit.

Recommended to stay hut.

If you wake up around 4:00 AM, you will see beautiful Sun coming up in Yoshida trail even you are not at the summit.

The sunIt is beautiful.

You will see a beautiful clouds

Continue your way to the summit.

Beautiful view

More rocky places.

Station 9, almost there

Finally at the summit

The Crater

Walking around crater takes about 1.5-2 hours.

All photo BY Ms.Ines

Ms.Ines from Netherlands has allowed us to share her Mt.Fuji experiences.
We are very much appreciated her! THANK YOU Ms.Ines!

Review from Ms.Ines

I would like to thank Kobe Outdoor Rental for the great help and advice, planning my Mt. Fuji trip.
I visited so many beautiful places, all around the world. But this was the most beautiful & amazing experience of my life !!
When I get the chance, I would climb Mt. Fuji again !
For people who think you can without good gear; NOT ! you really need decent walking shoes, walking stick, rain wear & warm clothing !
Thank you so much Akiko for everything !!


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