Proper clothing for climbing Mt.Fuji?

How you change your clothing according to weather and hight


When you start climbing, it can be really hot!

Prepare any comfortable clothing for sports activities.

If you can prepare clothing especially for climbing, it helps your body temperature to control.

We recommend to wear chemical fabric like sports wear because it has easy-dry system.

Support tights are also recommended not only to keep your leg comfortable but also protect your body from rocks, grass or branches.





After station 7, the temperature is getting lower. So you need warm jacket to keep your body warm.

Also the wind is getting strong, in that case, you can wear rain jacket and rain trousers to protect your body

from strong wind, even it is not raining!






This is the coldest part if you wait for the sun coming up in the morning at the summit.

It can be rainy and windy.

The temperature can be freezing point. So wear everything you have! That is why if you are going to rent

rain wear from us, we always recommend to order one size bigger, otherwise you cannot wear enough warm

clothing under your rain wear!

another useful information especially Mt.Fuji climbers!



When it has started to rain, wear your rain jacket and rain trousers!

Also use gaiters around your ankle because it also protect your shoes.

If you use gaiters, rain or sand does not coming into your shoes!




If you are from hot countries, and if you are not familiar with the temperature about freezing point,

You are very much recommended to prepare down jacket because it can be very cold for you!

It is not comfortable if you are very cold.