Onsen – Relax in Hot Springs

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Healing Through Nature

Have you ever tried hot springs in Japan?
I sometimes hear that for most of the foreigners it is so hard to try to become naked and take a bath with people they don’t know.
As one of the hot spring lovers, I would say you must not miss the chance to go to hot springs in Japan, as it is one of the most valuable chances for you when you are in Japan!
You know most Japanese love taking a bath, not only taking a shower. I am the one too and I really love hot springs. I think it is 3 good points and I am ready to share them to you.
The first point is that you can feel Japanese tradition. I know that people becoming naked and taking a bath together looks very weird to some foreigners, but I would say when you are in Rome, do as Romans do. Let’s just take a try and people don’t see you as you think they do! They are so many things which you can only get from your own experience.
The second point is that you can make good memory with your friends and family. There is old saying that “hadaka no tsukiai”, which means “naked relationship with people”. It is not at all rude words but it means “frank relationship with people without any hidden things”. Japanese people often say it when they take a bath with other people. They think taking a bath together makes the relationship better. So I think hot spring can make the relationship between your friends and family better and stronger.
The third and the best (as far as I think ) point is that you can relax from your heart. Hot water will release your stuff body and you will feel very relaxed and refreshed after taking hot spring. Many of the hot springs have medical efficacy and many Japanese visit hot springs in order to take care of their body and heal their sickness or injury. It is the point that hot spring cannot be replaced for usual bath.
So now are you ready to become naked and go to hot springs in Japan?

2 great hot spring are

There are too many famous and good hot springs in Japan, but this time I will recommend you 2 places you must go!
The first place is Aso hot springs in Kumamoto prefecture. In Aso area there is Mount. Aso and it is one of the most famous places in Japan. You can enjoy wonderful nature and beautiful mountain, as well as hot springs of good quality. In Aso area, there are many resort inns with hot springs and they are usually not so expensive, so it would be nice to use these inns if you are looking for somewhere to stay.
The second place is Kusatsu in Gunma prefecture. The good point is that you can easily access there from Tokyo. If you take Shinkansen you will able to arrive within 2 hours. One of the features of Kusatsu hot spring is that the temperature of the water is rather high and it is a little bit thick because of its medical components. I love Kusatsu hot spring because I feel like my skin becomes smoother after taking a bath. Also you can enjoy seeing “Yubatake”, which is the place that the hot water comes out of the ground and at night, around Yubatake is surrounded with fog and the scene is mysterious and beautiful!