Climbing Mt.Fuji in September? How about October and November?

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Visiting Japan in September?
If you are visiting to climb Mt.Fuji in EARLY September, you can still climb because the trail are still open and guess what? Early September is the BEST TIME to climb Mt.Fuji.

Why is September the best time to climb Mt.Fuji?

  • Fewer people on the trail.
  • Temperature is almost the same as late August
  • Fewer people in a hut

Japanese people take summer vacation Mainly from late July to August, so most people are in work in September.

That is why September is fewer people than July or August.

When are the trail closed?

Officially, All trail close on 10th September. Climbing after this date is all your own risk.

When are huts closed?

Huts are mostly open till early September.
Mt.Fuji hut list is showing the closing date of each hut.

So If you visiting Japan in Early September, You can still climb Mt.Fuji and possible to stay hut!

What to do if you are visiting Japan in Late September?

Well, it is a difficult question because the trail is officially closed.
But you can still hike a little in Mt.Fuji till Late September if the weather is OK then.
Huts are mostly closed, so you have to plan a day hike.

If you start your hike in the very early morning, then coming back before it gets dark, it is still possible to enjoy hiking there.
The temperature in late September can be colder than the summer season, so please bring enough clothing to make yourself warm.

If you would like to stay in a hut, Please directly contact the hut for more information.

Again! Hiking in Late September is possible with you OWN RISK!

Visiting in September and October?

Visiting Mt.Fuji in September and October is still possible with your own risk. Some huts are still open but most of them are located only in station 5 or station 6.
However, those huts also close due to weather condition. Opening period always depends on snow condition.
If you hike during late September and October, please check the weather condition and also contact hut directly by phone.
These hut below are open till October. (the condition might change, please always contact each hut.)

Fujinomiya trail
HoueiSanso in Station6 open till the end of October
Phone: +81(0)90-7607-2232

Unkaiso in Station6 open till the middle of October
Phone: +81(0)90-2618-2231

Yoshida trail
Sato koya in station5 open till the end of October
Phone: +81(0)90-3133-2230

Seikanso in station6 open till early of October
Phone: +81(0)555-24-6090

Subashiri trail (Recommended!)
Higashi Fuji Sanso in station6 open till early of November
Phone: +81(0)90-3254-5057

Taiyokan in station 7 opens till October 15.
Phone: +81(0)90-3158-6624

Can we still rent gear for climbing Mt.Fuji in September?

YES! Our rental gear is available for climbers till October 15.
Please place your order, then we are pleased to deliver to your accommodation.

Book your rental gear for Mt.Fuji Learn how to rent

How about October or November?

Climbing in November is NOT RECOMMENDED! If you see snow on the trail, please do not proceed and come back.
Please do not try to climb. It is more dangerous and you might be in trouble with a heavy accident.

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