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Emergency call in Japan

Please call 119 or 110.

119 is ambulance, 110 is police.

English is available for both number.

If you are on trail, there is an information board with location code written on it.
The location code is very useful information for rescue team to help you.



About altitude sickness

What is altitude sickness

Often happening with these symptoms written below, when people are not used to the altitude.

  • headache
  • vomiting
  • dizziness
  • anorexia
  • enervation

If you have these symptoms, you are recommended to rest as soon as possible.

If the situation get worse, you should go down the mountain.

If you cannot go down by yourself, you have to ask for help to some staff in hut or call emergency.


How to prevent from altitude sickness

  • Drink water regularly
  • Rest enough in Station 5 about a few hours to adjust your altitude to your body
  • Slowly going up with your own speed.



Mistake the way

Mt.Fuji has 4 popular trails


 Yellow    Yoshida Trail
 Blue  Fujinomiya Trail
 Green  Gotenba Trail
 Red  Subashiri Trail


There are many people lost or make mistakes for their climbing down trail.

Each trail has showed with color.

Make sure you follow the right direction to reach your goal.


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