Kamakura trip

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Classic Japan near Tokyo

Have you ever been to Kamakura city? If you have not, I recommend you to go there once.
It is the city that has many famous, big and small temples and shrines and the atmosphere of the city is rather modest when compared to Kyoto or other famous places in Japan, but you can feel that these old things fit to the modern city naturally.
Kamakura is one of the famous dating spots in Japan, and it has many good places for couples! This time I will tell you lovely places in Kamakura, so why don’t you take your girlfriend or boyfriend to Kamakura city and enjoy dating in Japan?
First of all, you can go to Komachi-Dori (Komachi Street). If you get off the train at Kamakura station, the street straights out in front of the station. It is the street with many shops such as restaurant, café, souvenir shops, fashion shops and so on. There are always many people in this street and you can enjoy shopping and eating here. In many shops you can have foods and drinks to go, so you can enjoy Komachi-Dori with nice crapes, ice creams, hot snacks, coffee or beer! (Keep in mind that you cannot enter other shops with foods and drinks in your hands, and of course not in shrines and temples!)
As Kamakura is near the sea so you can eat fresh seafood dishes in Komachi-Dori.
You can also buy many kinds of souvenirs from traditional Japanese foods to fashionable accessories.

Traditional place to visit

After enjoying foods and shopping, let’s go to see the traditional Kamakura! I will tell you 3 famous and must-go spots.
One of them is Daibutsu, great image of Buddha in Koutokuji. It is too famous to tell you but once you are in Kamakura, you have to go there and feel the scale of the Daibutsu! You can also enter inside the Daibutsu in very cheap price.
Then let’s move to Tsurugaoka Hachimanguu. It is very famous shrine in Japan and you will admire the great red building in the mountain after going up long stairs.
After long walk you can move to Houkokuji, a temple which is famous for its bamboo garden. Lots of bamboos and the cool and quiet place will heal you. There is tea room in the garden and you can enjoy Japanese tea and sweets. It would be nice dating spot!

Not only traditional place?

In Kamakura there are not only traditional spots but also modern dating spots, and one of them is Shin Enoshima Aquarium! It is so big aquarium and you can enjoy many kinds of fishes, dolphin shows and so on! My favorite is jellyfish room, where is the room with big water tanks and many jellyfishes in dim lighted room. In the room you can sit down the sofa and see the beautiful jellyfishes swimming slowly in the water tank, and it is so healing and romantic!
Please enjoy traditional and modern Japan in Kamakura!