Climbing Mount Fuji in September

People go hiking Mount Fuji in September with their own risk.

If there is something happen during your off-season hike, you have to slove the problem by your self because no body might be helping you while you are in Mount Fuji.

Even though, Some people still climb Mount Fuji in September and  one or two huts are still open during off-season. So hiking Mount Fuji in September is still possible.

Hut above station 7 in Mount Fuji is mostly going to be closed on September 10. However, one or two huts on Subashiri trail is still open for hikiers ( !Please always check the availability directly to the huts).
Hut in station 5 will open till November for tourist. So you can still do a DAY hike during Off-season. (please also check the weather, if it is snowing, we DO NOT RECOMMEND to hike.)

If you are visiting Mount Fuji to climb there in September, get extra preparation because this trip is all by your own risk.

We offer rental equipment ship to you every day till October 15 as a summer season hike.

Plan your hike like the itinerary below. Also, Use the Subashiri trail.

Subashiri trail is recommended because you can feel nature, the food in station 5 is good and the hut called “Taiyokan” in station 7 is OPEN till October 15.
(For hut booking, Please directly call to Taiyokan +81(0)90-3158-6624. )

Day 1:
Arrive at station 5 before it gets dark.
Stay in a hut at station 5.
Go to bed as early as possible.

Day 2:
wake up at 4-5 AM.
Start hiking.
Climb up till station 7 and rest there.
(If the hut in station 7 is Open, stay there for a night. If the hut is not open, Start going down before it gets dark. Catches a bus to your next destination.)

Day 3(this is optional if the hut at station 7 is open):
Wake up with the Sunrise and enjoy the Sunrise from the hut.
Start hiking to the summit after the sunrise.
Enjoy the crater walking for an hour.
Climb down to station 5 and catch the bus to your next destination.

If you would like to hike in September or October, please make sure you prepare enough for this hiking trip.
If you would like to hike with a group tour, We definitely recommend contacting Fuji Mountain GUides.
Hiking in September or October can be different compared to summer trail (July and August)opening season. It also has some ristliction on trail. Contact the staff in hut will help you know more the trail condition.

Also, Bring enough clothes, enough water, and enough food.

Our rental gear will be helpful to prepare your hiking trip even in off-season till October 15.

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