Classic Kanazawa trip

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Sweet people & Authentic Japan

Have you ever been to Kanazawa city in Ishikawa Prefecture?
I went there several years ago, and it is one of my best memories.

I went Kanazawa city with my friends to enjoy good foods and sightseeing.
We went there on autumn, and it was great timing to see around the city because it is not too hot or not too cold outside.
First we arrived at Kanazawa Station and were surprised at how beautiful the architecture of the station is.
Do you know “Tsuzumi-mon”, the artistic huge gate in front of the station?
It is designed by traditional Japanese drums and is the only station in japan which was selected “One of the most beautiful stations in the world” in 2011!

Recommended place

You know there are many places you must go in Kanazawa city, such as Kenroku-en (A traditional Japanese style garden and one of Japan’s three major gardens.). Higashi-chayagai (traditional cityscape is remained), or Ohmicho-ichiba (a market where you can buy many fresh fishes or traditional foods in Kanazawa).
Also there are many famous foods in Kanawaza such as sushi, sashimi, Japanese sake, and you can check these famous foods in guidebooks or websites.
But this time I want to recommend 2 places you must go in Kanazawa! They may be not on guidebooks or websites, but I bet you can enjoy Kanazawa from your heart!

One of them is a restaurant “Fusion 21” in 21st century museum.
The museum is one of the famous museums in Japan and I think most visitors in Kanazawa will visit this museum. But the hidden good spot is this restaurant.
The interior is so great with wide windows and white furniture and with the wide windows you can see the beautiful garden of the museum while enjoying great meals.
I went there to take lunch and was surprised at the gorgeous interior and open and bright atmosphere thanks to the wide windows.
We ordered buffet style lunch and this is not the normal buffet!
You can enjoy many kinds of foods made with “Kaga-yasai”, traditional vegetables in Kanazawa (Kaga is the old name of Kanazawa area.).
I love tasting traditional foods and drinks in each area and many travelers will love it, too. All the meals are delicious and you can enjoy rare Kaga-yasai, which you can enjoy only in this area!
Another small but good point to me was the dishes we use in buffet is pallet-shaped!
It is so museum-like sense of fun and I love it!

The 2nd place I recommend is “Kanazawa Kashi Kigata Museum” (Kanazawa traditional sweets and wooden patterns museum), which is located in the 2nd floor of traditional Japanese sweets shop “Morihachi”.
Morihachi is located near Kanazawa Castle Park and sells traditional Japanese sweets made from carefully selected ingredients, and the shop has almost 400 years’ tradition!
The shop has traditionally made sweets made from rare sugar and has used wooden patterns to shape them, and in the museum there are many wooden patterns displayed!
You will be surprised at the kinds and size of the patterns and how beautifully they are displayed! You may feel dreamy, surrounded in many wooden patterns in dim lights.
You can enjoy the greatness of tradition of sweets-making by seeing them.