Bike trip in Kyoto

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simple is the best

There are lots of amazing place to visit in Kyoto and it is scattered around all over the city.
These are the reasons why I recommend you to take bicycle when you come here. Roads are relatively flat and not so difficult to ride around. There are so many small streets that do not allow cars to drive in and you can find fine café or attractive shops in there. If you take bus to go sightseeing, it will take forever. Traffic jam is terrible in Kyoto now.
So, let’s rent a bicycle and hop into Kyoto city.

Recommend spot

My favorite spot is Shimogamo area. Firstly, I would like you to go to Shimogamo shrine. It is close to Demachiyanagi station and there is a rent cycle shop right next to the station. You can borrow bike there and let’s head to west. Shimogamo shrine is not so far from the station. Shimogamo shrine is one of the oldest shrines in Kyoto and it is registered as World heritage. You can see Tadasu no Mori forest first when you get there and you may feel awestruck in front of it. It is just so beautiful. There is a small river in the forest and you will be surprised when you feel its crisp coolness in summer. You also will be surprised how beautiful this scenery is.

There is a red solemn shrine after you go through the forest. I hope you see all the shrines in Shimogamo shrine and then I would like you to go to Kamo Mitarashi Tea House located west of the shrine. It will take a few minutes by bike. You can eat mitarashi dango dumplings there. You can eat Mitarashi dango anywhere in Japan, but this shop is the original one. It was originally made at this shop. Please enjoy soy sauce and sugar harmony.

Central area

After you eat dumplings, let’ go down to the central part of the city. Please enjoy bike riding along side of the Kamo River for 20 to 30 minutes. You will feel wonderful wind, beautiful river, and see many Japanese style shops along with it.

When you arrive at Sanjo Street, please stroll around the area down to Shijo area. You can find many restaurants, café, souvenir shops, used-Kimono shops, boutique, pastry, Chocolatier, drinking spot, and lots and lots of kind of shops. You can get anything in this area. Many people who live in Kyoto come here in weekends to shop.
Let’s take a break at café around here and then, get back to bike to Nijo-jo castle. It will take about 10 to 20 minutes from Sanjo street to there.

I like Nijo castle because of its decoration of the castle and the room inside. It is amazing place to feel history of Japan here in Kyoto and you can observe delicate workmanship of it. You can see traditional Japanese Garden outside of the castle. The rocks, ponds, trees are just perfect. You will feel calmness when you look at this garden. I believe you will definitely love it.

What are you waiting for? Kyoto city is waiting for you.