Gear rental

KOBE OUTDOOR provides mountain equipment especially for Mt.Fuji hikers since 2012. More than 8000 customers a year have been using our rental service to visit not only Mt.Fuji but also other mountains all over Japan. Hiking equipment can be very expensive however we provide customers a reasonable price to prepare their hiking gear that is needed for visiting 3000m altitude mountains. Our service is now well known all over Japan and having the high percentage of satisfaction from Japanese and foreign customers in Japan.

Why Online only?

Our rental service is ONLINE ONLY because we do not have a direct front shop. Don't worry! Our detailed size chart & conversion chart helps you choose the right size! By placing your order online, your booking is completed in a minute. Ordered gear arrives at your hotel 3 days prior to your trekking start date. So you have enough time to check and to practice gear. This is the easiest & simplest & time-saving system for visitors in Japan since you do not need to find any outdoor store in Japan.

Easy receive & return

You can receive your gear at your hotel reception you're staying! So it's very easy and simple because your hotel reception receives it instead of you. Returning is also very simple! All you need to do is to attach the prepaid delivery voucher that is included in our rental package and hand to staff at a convenience store(24 hours shop like Seven Eleven) or hotel reception. No payment needed for returning gear! We have many THANK YOU words for our original easy system. Our English staff is very helpful!

Need size change?

If the item does not fit to you, simply order size change from SIZE CHANGE PAGE Please note that size change is only available if we have a spare size. After we have received your size change order, we check equipment availability. If we have a spare size, we send to you. Most of the time, our customer fit their size in 1 time. Please pay extra attention to size chart of each item when you book with us! If you would like to know more measurement, please email us!