Traveling to Fujinomiya trail / Do not miss the deal bus ticket.

Visiting Mt.Fuji, using the Fujinomiya trail?
If you are the west side of Japan, Fujinomiya trail will be closer than using Yoshida trail.
If you are going to spend lots of time traveling to Yoshida trail, we think it is better to use Fujinomiya trail to save time.


Fujinomiya trail is the second popular trail for Mt.Fuji.
And it is quite easily visited because of the bus system is easier than visiting Yoshida trail.


The Main train station is Fujinomiya and Shin-Fuji. Its JR station, so you can be visited by using Japan rail pass.


Once you have arrived at Shin-Fuji or Fujinomiya station, do not forget to get a special deal ticket only sold during July 10 to September 10, that is a return ticket because of its much cheaper than buying both tickets each.
If you buy a one-way ticket each time, you will have to pay more.


The special deal ticket is called “Fujitozan bus free kippu” (富士登山バスフリー切符 in Japanese). Maybe you better to take a screenshot of this Japanese and show it at the ticket counter. That makes you easy to order your ticket. This special ticket valid for 3days, and you can make a round trip from either JR fujinomiya station or JR Shin-Fuji station to Mt.Fuji Fujinomiya trail station 5.


Normally the bus ticket can be purchased while you on the bus, however, this deal ticket is ONLY available at a ticket counter at JR Fujinomiya station or JR Shin-Fuji station. Also, you can purchase it at JR Fuji station but not many bus stopping there, so I recommend you to use JR Fujinomiya or JR Shin-Fuji.


I was searching the opening hour of these ticketing counter and I was quite surprised that it opens from 7:30 to 16:00 for weekdays, and closes at 17:00 on weekend.
At Shin-Fuji station, it opens at 9:00 and closes at 13:45!
It closes so fast, don’t you think?
Be on time and get a ticket there.

If you stay in Fujinomiya, Book your rental gear and make it delivered to your accommodation.


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The word “Fujitozan” means “hiking Mount Fuji” in Japanese.

So you will find some words “Fujitozan” several times on the useful link.