Pottery Festival – Toki-city, GIFU | Every May 3,4 and 5

Great Pottery festival market

Looking For JAPAN MADE pottery?
You can get beautiful Japan made pottery at festival in Toki city, Gifu prefecture every year on 3, 4, and 5 MAY.

Mino-Yaki Pottery

Toki city is very famous for pottery.  Its called Mino-Yaki pottery.

Many cafe shop, restaurant owners around this area including Aichi , Mie and Gifu are mosily using good quality Mino-Yaki pottery.

Usually these mino-yaki pottery are very expensive, however you can get in very reasonable price in this limited market held every May.


More than 300 thousand people coming to find their special pottery. You can also see the factories  because they open to public.

Many artist from all over Japan are also coming to promote their new product, so you might encounter the finest pottery that nobody has ever seen.



Access is possible by car, or by shuttle bus from JR tokishi station.