Important regulation to know before going to Mt.Fuji

Since Mt.Fuji registered for UNESCO world heritage site, many people visit Mt.Fuji. However there are also many problems happening because of less understanding of Japanese culture.
Please observe rules and manner not only for you but also for other climbers.
Also please respect Japanese culture since Japanese people are pleased to welcome you in this magnificent mountain.

  1. Take your garbage or trash with you all the time.
  2. Forbidden to take any plants or lava stone from mountain area
  3. No tent, No fire
  4. No pet
  5. Must climb with well-prepared outfit
  6. Use ONLY official trails

a. Take your garbage with you all the time

Do not leave anything in mountain if you go hiking in JAPAN especially Mt.Fuji area.
There is NO trash box in mountain. Please be responsible for your own trash.
You are strictly requested  to take your own garbage and not allow to throw away to anywhere.
Please maintain this beautiful Mt.Fuji.

b. Forbidden to take any plants or lava stone from mountain area

Mt.Fuji is a UNESCO world cultural heritage site. It is not allowed to take anything from this heritage site.
Please keep in mind to leave this beautiful place for our next generation.

c. No tent, No fire in Mt.Fuji

There are no place to Tent. Trail are for everybody not only you.
If you would like to stay, please book a place in hut.
Also making fire is not allowed to avoid any accident with fire.

>>>about booking hut

d. No pet

Pet cannot be in hut.
Releasing pet is also not allowed.

e. Must climb with well-prepared outfit

Some people get to Mt.Fuji with only short-pants with half sleeve T-shirts. These people are considered “not well prepared”.
Many people like this outfit often call for rescue team and used Japanese tax for their problems. So it is not allowed to enter with less prepared outfit.
Please do prepare proper equipment to climb Mt.Fuji.

f. Use ONLY official trails

Do not go outside of an official trail.
Mt.Fuji trail are well-maintained for every climber, also well-organized climbing up route and climbing down route.
Mt.Fuji is a volcanic mountain, so each trail is safely organized to avoid falling lava stone.
If you walk out of the trail with your own will can make a serious accident that also make trouble for other climbers.
Please keep in mind that safety rules are not only for you.