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Trekking trousers

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  • Quick dry nylon hiking pants.
  • lightweight and strong material
  • Easy moving and comfortable fit.
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Lightweight Nylon fabrics Stretch hiking pants offer comfort whole time while you are on hike.
Pants made by strong and easy dry material, that helps your hiking trip comfortable.
Relaxed fit generously allows for comfort and movement, avoiding any injuries in unstable and rocky terrain.

Women's size

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S / Women's M / Women's
Height 148-158cm 153-163cm
Waist 60-66cm 63-69cm
Hip 85-91cm 88-94cm
Inseam 67-72cm 70-75cm

L / Women's XL / Women's
Height 158-168cm 163-173cm
Waist 67-73cm 71-77cm
Hip 92-98cm 96-102cm
Inseam 73-78cm 76-81cm

Men's size

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S / Men's (Unisex) M / Men's (Unisex)
Height 155-165cm 165-175cm
Waist 72-76cm 76-81cm
Hip 101cm 105cm
Inseam 71-76cm 74-79cm

L / Men's (Unisex) XL / Men's (Unisex)
Height 170-180cm 175-185cm
Waist 81-87cm 87-93cm
Hip 106cm 110cm
Inseam 77-82cm 80-85cm