Need gear size change?


Need size change? Click here to order new size.


If you need to change size, Please order size change from our “Size change” page.
It is your responsibility to check all items are ready to use and also ready to fit.

We can accept your size change till 15:00 (JST) on 2 days before your trekking start date due to our delivery schedule.

So you have enough time to check your equipment.
Size change request after 15:00 (JST) is conducted on the next day, so please order in time. Otherwise you are not able to receive size change equipment by your trekking start date in worst case.

Please BE AWARE that size change in only available when we have a spare one.

During Summer especially Mt.Fuji season, we have a lot of rental orders, so we might not be able to accept your size change.

Our gear size chart is clearly showing you the size conversion especially for your shoes.
So Please keep in mind that you try to choose your correct size item.

Most of our customers (more than 1000 customer has used our service in 2016) fit their size in 1 time.

If you order “Size change”, Please return everything together after your trekking trip has finished!
(Non-used(old size) and used one(new size) has to be sent back together after your trip.)

If we have found out that you have used both of them, we charge extra rental fee.