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6 gear set

¥ 16,800¥ 21,360

6 gear set includes this equipment below:

  • Hiking Shoes
  • Backpack(+backpack cover)
  • Rainwear
  • Gaiters
  • Trekking Poles
  • Headlamp


Price (Includes tax and shipping fee ¥3500):

2days trip/ ¥ 16,800

3days trip/ ¥ 21,360

More rental days / Fill in the column below to see the price.



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Largest Rainwear is Mens-XL.
We do not have a larger size.
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Perfect 6 gear set for Summer season Mount Fuji trip.
Click each item tabs to read item detail.

Hiking shoes
Our rental mid-cut all weather hiking boot suited for Mt.Fuji or Yakushima Trip.
The shoes highly supportive and soft fit to prevent from twisting your ankle. This shoe is made with Gore-Tex fabrics that mean to keep inside of shoes quite comfortable and dry, it greatly helps you especially in Mt.Fuji or Yakushima trip because it rains a lot during your trip. The outer sole is made with Trail Gripper, that gives you an amazing amount of grips while you are on terrain such as wet rocks.
These shoes are highly satisfied with many customers including foreign and Japanese, even if you are not used to mountaineering, this will be your great help to complete your mission. Various sizes available for Men and Women.

You need a Backpack for climbing mountain. Our rental backpack has ideal features, especially for Mount Fuji trip. The back breathing system keeps your back always dry and comfortable to carry backpacks more than 10 hours walking. Backpack cover is the must to climb Mount Fuji and it has been attached to all our rental backpacks. Chest-belt, Waist-belt, Shoulder-belt are designed to optimum weight balance. Pole-belt also equipped, that helps to attach the poles when you do not need them. Tons of function including lots of pockets allow you to organize your trip. If you have a water bag with tubes, you can use it with the backpack hydration system. 30-35L is the right size for Mt.Fuji trip. Having a color preference? comment on our message board when you place your order.

Breath tech rainsuits comes together with Jacket and Pants(trousers). Rain and Wind resistant material is used. Adjustable function equipped to suit your body. Sealing your body by adjusting each edge of rainsuits can keep your body warm and dry. DWR (durable water repellent) treatment has been neatly done to keep the waterproof function work, especially for Rainy Mount Fuji.
Rainwear can be packed with our small bag. So it does take only a small space inside of your backpack.
Size available from S, M, L and XL for Men and Women. Choose one size bigger than your normal clothing size just in case you wear warm clothing at Mount Fuji summit.

These gaiters have better to be wrapped over your ankle, that will keep volcanic ash, pebbles, and rocks from entering into your boots. Our rental gaiters are ankle-length, that is enough for Mount Fuji trip especially when descending from the summit. This also prevents rainwater coming into your boots. Our Marine use quality Rubberband straps offer a secure fit by correctly set underneath of your shoes.

Trekking poles
Having a pair of trekking poles helps you to balance your energy while you’re climbing and descending. Anti-shock system greatly helps especially reducing your pain for your knee, arms and back. Our rental trekking poles are constructed 3 section design equipped with adjustable soft-touch wrist straps. Since the souvenir wooden sticks for stamps are available at station 5, however without handling straps may result in some blisters after your Mount Fuji Trip. The poles shrink when not in use that becomes its length only 57cm. and the maximum length is about 120cm. The weight is 205g for each. EVA grip accommodates a variety of hand sizes and positions comfortably. Poles are fitted with trekking baskets and tip protectors.

Please bring headlamp if you are traveling to see the sun at the summit. We also recommend always bring the headlamp when you go to the mountain because you never know if you can come back before it gets dark. Our rental LED headlamp is rainproof, powerful and high-performance lighting. Several programmable lighting modes available. 1 battery has been installed + extra 1 battery has also been attached and packed with a single rental headlamp.


We have more color, please see each item product page for detail.

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Click each item tabs to find out your correct size.

Hiking Shoes

Hiking shoe size conversion chart

Hiking shoe size conversion is offered by our rental shoe brand “Mont-Bell”.
If you are not familiar with Japanese shoe size, or If you have never worn Japanese shoes, please try Japanese shoes first, then find your shoes size in Japanese CM.
We do not accept any comment or any opinion about this shoe size conversion because this is an official conversion offered by Mont-Bell.

Add 0.5cm(JPN) to your normal shoe size!
  1. Find out your JPN shoe size by checking conversion.
  2. Add extra 0.5cm(JPN) to your normal shoe size, that will be your hiking shoes size to rent.

If you normally wear 41 for EUR size, choose choose “26cm” in JPN size to rent.

23 6 36 3.5
23.5 6.5 37 4
24 7 37.5 4.5
24.5 7.5 38 5

Mens (Unisex)
25 7 40 6.5
25.5 7.5 41 7
26 8 41.5 7.5
26.5 8.5 42 8
27 9 43 8.5
27.5 9.5 43.5 9
28 10 44 9.5
28.5 10.5 44.5 10
29 11 45 10.5
30 12 46.5 11.5
32 14 49 13


Rainwear size chart

Be aware that Japanese size (S,M,L, XL)can be different
compare to your size of your country. They are all ASIAN SIZE
Measure yourself by centimeter, then choose the correct size.
Again, MENS XL is our MAX size.
Choose one-size bigger!

Choose one size bigger than your normal clothing size because you will dress warmly with thick winter clothing inside of your rainwear.
(Choosing normal clothing size might too tight or not fit to you with your winter clothing.)

Lady's Rainwear size

See more detail measurement

S / Women's M / Women's
Height 152-158cm 157-163cm
Chest 77-83cm 80-86cm
Waist 58-64cm 61-67cm
Inseam 64-70cm 67-73cm

L / Women's O (XL) / Women's
Height 162-168cm 167-173cm
Chest 83-89cm 86-92cm
Waist 64-70cm 68-74cm
Inseam 70-76cm 73-79cm

Men's (Unisex) rainwear size

See more detail measurement

S / Men's (Unisex) M / Men's (Unisex)
Height 162-168cm 167-173cm
Chest 85-91cm 89-95cm
Waist 71-77cm 75-81cm
Inseam 71-77cm 74-81cm

L / Men's (Unisex) O (XL) / Men's (Unisex)
Height 172-178cm 177-183cm
Chest 93-99cm 97-103cm
Waist 79-85cm 83-89cm
Inseam 77-83cm 80-86cm

Please note
  • Please make sure to use our attached gaiters when you use our rain trousers.If you have broken the pants hem, you are required to pay 2000 yen.
    (this is an example of breaking the pants hem)
    11992091_10153494330172110_344334996_n (1)
  • Gaiters can be used for TREKKING SHOES ONLY.If you are going to use gaiters for your flat shoes, Gaiters does not work properly AND gaiters are easily damaged or broken because there is NO INDENT for flat shoes.
    Trekking shoes do have Indent to attach rubber band coming from each gaiter.