How to return

Don’t be afraid. Everything is easy and simple!

STEP1 Packing

Please pack everything back to our delivery bag.

No cleaning is needed!

Just pack everything quickly into the bag like you go to a laundry.

STEP2 Attach shipping voucher

Attach your personal prepaid shipping voucher to the package.
If you lost it, see the instruction manual to get a new one. (Ask for help to some Japanese people!)

=> What to do if you have lost the return shipping voucher


It is simple and super easy if you use our prepaid shipping voucher because its fully prepared and you do not need to fill in anything at all.

You do not need to pay extra money to return gear if you use our the shipping voucher.

STEP3 Bring the bag to a delivery company (Convenience store like 7-Eleven, family mart etc)

Hand your gear package in the MORNING HOUR BY LUNCHTIME(NOON) to hotel reception or to Convenience store(24 hours shop) like Seven Eleven etc.
Returning due date is specified in every package.

There are hundreds of thousands of convenience store are existing in Japan. Only with 7-Eleven, there are about more than four hundred thousand stores.
Even if one of them does not accept shipping, you will easily find another store within walking distance.

You will find this “black cat logo” at the entrance of a convenience store door, The cat logo means that the store is accepting delivery with your prepaid shipping voucher.

>>> Learn more about Yamato Ta-Q-Bin service? click here.

You can hand your used gear to these places below.

They will handle the shipment to KOBE OUTDOOR, so please simply hand your bag and the voucher.