What to do if you lost the prepaid shipping voucher for return.

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Your rental gear package will be delivered to you soon.

As soon as you receive it, you will find the item below.


  • Gear
  • Shipping voucher (ORANGE)
  • Instruction manual and troubleshooting manual


The Shipping voucher is very important for returning gear to us. PLEASE Do Not Lose it.

The shipping voucher for return has been FULLY PREPARED for you, so you do not need to write anything at all on it.

All you need to do is bring the rental package and the shipping voucher to a convenience store.



However, there might be a case that you accidentally lose the return shipping voucher.

We will show you what to do just in case you have lost it.


First of all, The return shipping voucher looks like this below. You can get this shipping voucher in most of the convenience store in Japan, 7-Eleven, family-mart or Daily Yamazaki.

Make sure you get the ORANGE one, otherwise you have to pay the shipping fee.


If you have lost the return shipping voucher, you have to write down our shipping address to ship us.


The shipping address is below.

Postcode 501-4101
Tell 0575793330
Receiver’s address Gifuken Gujo-shi Minami-cho Kamita 390
Receiver’s name KOBE OUTDOOR


For Shipper’s information, please write at least your name, otherwise, we could not be able to know whose rental package has returned.


After you have filled out all the information to ship, please hand it at a convenience store with your rental gear package,

You can fill out the information in English, however, if you wish to be written in Japanese, you can ask for help from any Japanese people around you.


We write down some Japanese below, so just show it at a convenience store in Japan.