Why is rental gear delivery service convenient?

If you consider about rental gear delivery service, you might encounter some questions, “Is this service really convenient?”

We explain to you why our service is liked especially travelers in Japan.



Save Time

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If you have decided to go to Mt.Fuji but if you do not have gear, you have to find some outdoor store while you are in Japan
Your time in Japan can be limited but you have to use it for finding your proper gear because you need to visit Mt.Fuji.
Finding outdoor shop cannot be easy sometimes because you are not in your own country.
If you can just rent, Your ordered gear is delivered to your accommodation. You do not need your time in Japan finding gear.




Save Money

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You have to pay expensive money to buy new gear, however if you rent gear, you can save lots of money.
Our gear is not new but we maintain it and clean if every time after use.
You can use well-maintained gear with little money.
Also if you have to bring your gear from your country, you have to carry them all the time you were in Japan,
Extra charge can be added by your airline because of your heavy language.
Rental option is very simple to save your money!




No Hectic before and after your trip

at the seaside
Some Mt.Fuji tour is offering you “gear included package”.
Do you know that you have to visit the meeting point very early because you need to fit gear?
How would you do if there is no spare size available if it does not fit and no offer from your tour company?
There is no worries if you book with our rental gear.
We deliver to your accommodation or your house in Japan 3 days prior to your trekking start date.
If the size does not fit, You can order new size and you will be able to receive them before your trip.
Returning is also easy and simple. You just hand your gear at convenience store near you on the next day after your trip has finished.
Our enough time schedule allows you to enjoy without thinking or worrying about anything!




If you come up with more questions you would like to ask, please email us anytime!
But please read “HOW TO RENT” before you ask us.
Most of your questions are solved if you read “HOW TO RENT” page.