Can I climb Mt.Fuji in off-season? Tell me about winter Mt.Fuji.

For safety reason, we do not recommend to climb Mt.Fuji in winter.


Of course, if you are well – prepared and very much well – trained, you can visit there but keep in mind that visiting there in winter is very dangerous.

We introduce one of the blog post we find on the internet, and the writer Marco allows us to share his winter Mt.Fuji experience.

>>>Read Marco’s winter Mt.Fuji experience.



Also, Please refer to the warning below.

As you already know from Mt.Fuji official website, it is seriously dangerous in Winter.


For Winter mount Fuji, it is officially not OK to climb however as you already know some people climb there also in winter.
We hear news about accident in winter mount fuji, also many people dead there even with experienced one.
Even experienced climbers have to plan, train and prepare seriously. Do not underestimate climbing Mt.Fuji in Winter.
It is not very safe like summer time Mt.Fuji.

Climbing Mt.Fuji in winter is very much hard and very much dangerous, it was more than expected.
The temperature incl. windchill often goes down to -35c, with wind gusts of up to 40 m per sec.

The duration is more than 15 hours, Route mostly ice, so very danger if you slide.
Many people are dead because of slide accident, because it does not stop more than 1 km, hit to many rocks.
If you are injured, you cannot walk, will be difficult to back safely.
No signal to call rescue.
It takes time and lots of money to help you.
Also Japanese rescue team have to take lots of risk to help you.
Many people can be injured or dead because of you.

Please think about your family, friends many people around you.

If you visit Mt.Fuji in winter for not climbing purpose, you will enjoy more safely.