Why you do not deliver to Airbnb apartment?

Since August 2018, we have stopped that delivery to Airbnb apartment or house.

This is because we have experienced a HUGE NUMBER OF TROUBLES like the example below. (Actually, we have more than below.)

* Host does not allow any delivery item to their house.
* The delivery address is incorrect.
* Misunderstanding between host and guest because most of the host does not speak English.
* Gear has returned because the host did not expect any delivery item from KOBE OUTDOOR.
* Our Gear has lost because of some kind of misunderstanding between the host and the guest.

If the delivery place is Airbnb apartment or house, we CANCEL your rental booking.

If you stay in a hotel, the problem above will not happen at all.

+added in September 2022

Delivery to an Airbnb is completely NOT POSSIBLE since September 2022. We are sorry about it however there are so many reasons that we have decided to do this.
We experienced many troubles including delivery failure and other trouble caused by delivery to the Airbnb.

We have made some reserch about successful delivery to an Airbnb especially about how much percentage of an Airbnb delidevery for a successful delivery, then we have found out 42% of Airbnb delivery failed due to any kinds of trouble. It has been reserched the delivery since 2016 to 2022 Airbnb delivery customer only.

Delivery has been failed due to the reason below:

The address offered by Airbnb host was wrong.
Customer was out even they know the package is coming but they missed and rearragement was not possible by them.
Customer did not call English call center for re-delivery.
Since the customer did not have Japanese phone number, delivery man could not get in contact for delivery.
Airbnb accomodation was labeled with different name at front door, so the delivery man could not make delivery.
The Airbnb host did not allow you to delivery anything to their Airbnb.
Airbnb host and customer had miscommunication and the host claimed us.
Delivered gear has rejected by Airbnb host and gear has been back to KOBE OUTDOOR.
Our gear has been lost because the Airbnb host made them disappper as left behind of ther past customer.
We made the best to deliver in morning hours by asking Yamato transport with optional payment however the customer was out and delivery was unsccessful, then the customer claimed us even its their fault.

As you can see, these trouble actually will not happen if the delivery is to hotel or guest house with reception. They are helpful and well known to Japanese delivery system.

Most of the time, Airbnb customer would say “I am OK, I asked my host
the correct delivery address, I stay home to receive it, so please can I place an order?”
We believed customers many times and  Airbnb delivery customer betrayed. This is the truth and we would not like to offer our rental service for them.

We are very sorry that we have to close service to Airbnb customer because of the reason above.