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World Heritage, Nikko

Many of you know about Nikko, in Tochigi prefecture of Japan.
I have visited there many times and it is one of the most favorite places to me.

Several years ago I was living in Tochigi prefecture and went Nikko with my friend.
I think the first time I visited Nikko was when I was in elementary school, but as you know you cannot enjoy the traditional area when you are too young.
I, too, found the greatness of Nikko area after I have grown up.

Nikko Toushouguu, which is too famous place in Nikko is located in upper area of the mountain.


If you want to go to Nikko area from Tokyo station, you can take Shinkansen from Tokyo station to Utsunomiya station, then take JR Nikko line and take off at Nikko station, which is the last stop of the line.
The way to go to Nikko Toushouguu is very simple. You can go straight along the main street “Nihon romantic street” from Nikko station and you can arrive the entrance of Nikko Toushouguu.
I recommend to wear sneakers or flat shoes to go to Nikko, as you may walk up the mountain and hills to see around Nikko.

What is Nikko Toushouguu?

If you want to go to Nikko area from Tokyo station, you Most of you hear about the name of “Nikko Toushouguu”, but do you know what kind of building it is?
It is a shrine where Tokugawa Ieyasu – the first Edo-period shogun- is deified and is acknowledged as World Heritage. The luxury site of the shrine is admired from all over the world. There are also many famous sculptures in the shrine such as sleeping cat or three monkeys (mizaru, kikazaru, iwazaru).
One of the most famous buildings in Nikko Toushouguu is “Youmeimon”, the main gorgeous gate of the Shrine, is now under construction during 2013 to 2019. Maybe you would better go Nikko several years later and you may be able to see the new-born gate!

Other spot

If you want to go to Nikko area from Tokyo station, you Of course there are many other places to go in Nikko, for example hot springs, museums, beautiful falls and lakes, and so on. Nikko is famous for its rich nature, so you can enjoy hiking in the mountains in spring or autumn.
As Nikko is famous for its beautiful water and air, there are many good foods too.
Among them I want to recommend “breads of Nikko Kanaya Hotel bakery”.
Nikko Kanaya Hotel is very famous hotel in Nikko (You can find out the hotel along the way from Nikko station to Nikko Toushouguu) and this hotel is also famous for its bakery!.
You can buy many kinds of breads in many places in Nikko, but you must visit the bakery in the hotel! The factory and direct sales store is located next to the hotel and you can enjoy both the great state of the hotel and delicious taste!
Also thanks for the fresh water and air you can enjoy good coffee, beer, Japanese soba noodles, tohu, and so on. When I went to Nikko with my friend we stopped by a coffee shop during walking around the city. The shop was not famous nor on guidebooks and I didn’t remember the name of the shop, but the coffee was great!!
I think you can enjoy good coffee in most of the shops in Nikko.

You can enjoy World Heritage, good nature and food in Nikko!

Written by kumiko

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