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Popular attraction in Tokyo

I was born in Tokyo and have spent most of my life in Tokyo, but when it comes to the question “What do you recommend to go in Tokyo?” I am always a little bit confused to answer. The reason is Tokyo has too many places to go, or many nowhere. You know Tokyo is quite a big city and there is so wide range of areas from urban to countryside, so I don’t know what the people who ask a question above want to do in Tokyo.
If you want to enjoy “common Tokyo” such as Tsukiji, Shinjuku, Akihabara, Aoyama, Ginza or Tokyo Disneyland (though it is in Chiba prefecture, not in Tokyo) one guidebook is enough to guide you because they are too famous areas for both Japanese and foreigners. However, as genuine “Tokyo person”, I want to recommend Tokyo which you cannot get the information in guidebooks or on websites.
(I am sorry if there are in guidebooks or on websites!)
This time I want to list up 3 spots to go – super urban, urban, and countryside.


First, let’s start from the super urban area, Shinjuku.
Actually I don’t like Shinjuku so much because there are too many people every day, from early morning till midnight! If you try to find some spaces to sit down in café or in restaurant, it is so hard to find ones! Every place is always full and I become tired of finding out the vacant space…although I want to take a rest!
Like this there are many “café refugees” in Shinjuku, but there are some (but not a few) hidden places in Shinjuku and one of them is a sightseeing tower in Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office. It is located in the upper floor of the office and you can enter there in free! The office is a little bit far from Shinjuku station (10 or 15 minutes on foot, though) and it is not so crowded and you can take a rest in coffee shop or enjoy sightseeing.
If you are going to be crazy to congestion in Shinjuku, take a look at the place!


Second is my hometown, Machida. Machida is at the west side of Tokyo and takes about 1hour from Shinjuku by train. I think Machida is one of the best places to live among all the cities in Tokyo, for its combination of good points of urban and countryside. You won’t miss Shinjuku or other famous cities in shopping, as there are many famous departments and fashion shops in Machida! There is even 109 shop, which is so popular for teens, for some reason. (There is no Tokyo line in Machida station.) Anyway you can enjoy shopping or lunch, dinner and drinking near the station and also you can enjoy nature as there is big park if you walk about 10 minutes from the station!
If there are people looking for somewhere to live or stay long, I strongly recommend our Machida!


The last spot is countryside in Tokyo, Okutama area.
There you can enjoy camping, hot spring, hiking the mountains or outdoor activities!
If you want go there from Shinjuku station, you can just take train to Okutama station and after about 2 hours you can enjoy the great nature in central of Japan!
I went camping with my friends several weeks ago and was surprised at the fresh air and beautiful water in the river!

How about my recommendations in Tokyo? Visit them and feel the new Tokyo!

Written by Kumiko

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