Ukai fishing in GIFU, Still able to see it !

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Ukai is know as a traditional fishing style by using cormorant.
It has more than 1300 years history and the Ayu fish caught by cormorant are presented to Japanese emperor.
Long time ago, Nobunaga Oda, one of Japanese shogun had protected cormorant fisherman by giving them an official position.
So the family of Usho (cormorant fisherman) are protected until today.





















Usho(cormorant fisherman) are living together with these birds, so they are kindly taking care of the then the birds can easily catch Ayu fish.
You can learn more by really watching it in Gifu.


>When and where you can see cormorant fishing?
You can see in Gifu city and Seki city in GIFU.
For more information, please visit Gifu tourist information website.

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