Hot spring

Experience Japanese Hot Springs

Japan has many volcanic mountain. So there also many ONSEN (Hot springs).

Many Japanese do get into ONSEN after their Mt.Fuji trip to heal their body.

We would like to show some tips to enjoy ONSEN.

The reason we decide to write this is because we personally have an experience to get into Hot Springs

in other country and we could not enjoy there because of unclear rules in that country.

You are also the same, if you know the rules, you probably really enjoy and relax ONSEN

but you might have bad experience if you do not know the rules.

Please learn how to enjoy Japanese ONSEN Hot Springs.


How to enjoy ONSEN / Do and Don’t

  • Take off your shoes before entering the Onsen facilities.
  • Pay admission fee at the reception.
  • You can get a personal key with some number written on. The number is your locker number.
  • Swimsuits are not allowed in Japanese Onsen.
  • Take off all your cloth and put them into the personal locker.
  • You keep the locker key when you go into the ONSEN area.
  • Bring only your face towel.
  • Before getting into Bathtub, you must wash your body and hair. Everyone wash their body first to keep the hot water clean in Bath tub.
  • After washing your body, slowly getting into the bath tub. Average temperature in Japanese Hot spring is about 40 C.
  • Never put your towel into the bath tub. Japanese people think it is extremely dirty.
  • NEVER EVER put your hair into the bath tub. Japanese people hate to see even 1 piece of hair putting into water, also they think it is an extremely dirty.
  • Always keep in mind that Hot Spring is for everyone. NOT only you. So you have to keep there clean.
  • After you use sauna, make sure to take shower before getting into bath tub. Getting into bath tub without showering is again extremely dirty attitude.
  • You must towel all of your body with your face towel till no single drops found your body before entering to changing room.
  • Finally towel yourself by using your big bath towel.


*If you have tatoo, you are not allowed to enter ONSEN.


Onsen (Hot Springs) around Mt.Fuji

  • Fujiyama Onsen
  • Kawaguchiko Nishikawa Onsen / Reihou no Yu
  • Noten Onsen / Kaiun no Yu
  • Yamanakako Onsen / Akafuji no Yu
  • Yamanakako Hirano Onsen / Ishiwari no Yu