What to do if you have forgotten to send back a part of your used gear.

If you have forgotten to send a part of your used gear, please send gear back to us by following the instruction below.


1, Please get shipping label at convenience store
like seven eleven, family mart, circle K, daily Yamasaki or hotel reception.
It looks like this!



2, Please write down our address.
Ask for help at convenience store by showing the Japanese written below!

You can learn how to fill out the form by reading Ta-Q-Bin website.


Here is our address in the Alphabet:
Gifuken gujo-shi minami-cho Kamita 390

Phone number: 0575793330




送り先: 501-4101 岐阜県郡上市美並町上田390
電話番号: 0575793330
宛名: 神戸アウトドア






3, Please pay the shipping fee and hand the packed gear.

Please pack them in any bag.

We recommend to make it small to save your shipping fee.



4, Please send a photo of you shipping receipt or give us the tracking number that is written on right upper side of your receipt.

Thank you very much!

Your used gear will be back to us for sure.

(We do not request any late for this case.)



If you need any help, you can always email us to info@kobeoutdoor.com