I would like to receive your gear 1 day before we go trekking because we do not want to keep it for a few days. Is it possible?

Yes, we can deliver it 1 day before or 2 days before. Within 3 days before, you can choose your receiving date.
HOWEVER PLEASE MAKE SURE NOT TO MAKE MISTAKES FOR YOUR ORDER because we cannot change size for unfit item.

If you receive it 1 day or 2 days before, it is impossible to change for new size if the item does not fit you.

That is why, we are sending to you 3 days before just in case you need to change the item size.

The price is going to be the same. so we recommend you to receive them 3 days before you go.

If you need to receive them 1day or 2days before, please tell us by adding some comment.
however please understand the risk that you cannot ask size change.