What is Hiking gear rental service?

We offer hiking equipment or gear to the customer who does not have them at all.

Hiking gear rental service is getting popular among not only Japanese people but also foreign tourists in Japan.

It is because buying hiking equipment is very expensive, also carrying it every time while you are in Japan is not easy if you are tourists.


Of course, you can set up with some cheap equipment if you wish, however, those types of equipment can be easily broken while you on trails and you still have to walk another 5-6 hours to climb up to the summit or walk down safely to home, then the memories for your hiking trip can be a disaster since you may not have a good experience because of bad condition gear.


We offer well-maintained hiking gear to customers who use the gear for the first time.

We choose the gear from a great selection that is especially easy to use for hiking beginners and has started our business since 2012. Our rental gear service is getting popular among Japanese people because of the gear cleanness, the quality of gear and our service that we offer to customers. So we expanded our rental service who are dreaming to climb Mount Fuji, Japan’s highest mountain to worldwide travelers.


What we are liked by customers who are from foreign countries are, of course, the language.

Our English speaking colleagues have lived and worked in several countries for more than 10 years. They are very helpful to communicate in Japan. So if you have any question or thing to concern, they professionally answer and try to solve the problem for you because they are wishing you to have wonderful memories while you are in Japan like they were in other countries.


The speed is also the favorite point that our customer really loves our service.

We answer you as soon as possible especially during the season of Mount Fuji trail opening period. So the foreign customer will get answered their questions very quickly.


We also offer the easy system for foreign visitors.

Our English speaking colleagues are well known what will be the difficulties for foreign customers while they are in Japan. It is because they have worked with foreign countries and experienced a lot of cultural differences. So they are easily predicting what will be the difficulty for first time Japan visitors. That is why we technically prepare for you to make everything easy, that is especially when you return gear. We never make you “lost in translation” when you use our service.


We are very much confident to offer the best service for rental gear field and looking forward to sending you our perfect hiking equipment.