Goodevening, i will arrive in Narita on the 5th of July and leave on the 8th of July. I would like to climb the Mount Fuji (Yoshida Trail). I would be very greatful as I don t speak Japanese and don’t know how to make a reservation for the hut, train/bus. We stay close to the airport of Narita. Thank you so much for your help ! Kind Regards


Thank you for your email!
I am Akiko, I am very happy to hear from you. I like to help your trip !

Well, I will write you shortly because most of information are on our website.

For your Trip plan,
This will be good for you.

JULY6th: Leave hotel in morning and travel to Shinjuku by public transport.
Go to Shinjuku Bus terminal and get an Bus ticket to Yoshida station 5.
(After you arrived in Shinjuku, you can find Shinjuku bus terminal. Maybe you are better to ask people or follow the sign)
Travel time about 2 hours.
Bus ticket can be bought online but you can directly buy them at counter.

After you arrived in station 5, rest there for at least 1 hour to adjust your body.
then start climbing!

If you would like us to book an hut, we can do that by 500yen / person.

Booking will be mostly only by phone but we heard some hut at station 8 are accepting english booking on their website.
you can see hut list at our web site on link: Reservation for Hut.

Rest there till maybe arnoud mid-night.
then again start climbing to the top to see sunrise around 4 in the morning.

If you would like to rest more at hut, we think it is also OK because you can also see sunrise at station 7.

JULY7th: Make your way back to station 8 and get on bus by noon otherwise you cannot make your way back to hotel in Narita.
Make sure you do not mistake your way back. You are on YOSHIDA trail, because some people make mistakes and finish their trip at totally different places.

For gear, you better prepare. We are also renting them.
We are introducing the list on our website what you need to bring.

What you need for climbing Mt.Fuji

Traveling from Narita to Shinjuku takes about 1.5 hours.
There might have an direct bus from Narita to Shinjuku, I think it is better to ask at hotel reception what is the easiest for you.

If you have more to ask, feel free to email me!
I hope you have a wonderful trip!