Is it possible to climb overnight? I have my overnight trekking plan. Please check if this works!


leave hotel in afternoon and go to Shinjuku.

Arrive Shinjuku by 15:45 because the last bus goes to mtfuji station 5 is leaving at 16:30. No more bus after that.

After arrived Shinjuku, go to SHINJUKU EXPRESS BUS TERMINAL located west side of Shinjuku.

Buy ticket there or buy in online in advance.

Arrived mtfuji station 5 around 6:30pm .

Rest there about 1 hour to adjust my body to the altitude.

Start climbing from 8pm or 9pm

Climb climb climb

I will bring enough cash just in case I need to rest at any hut. About 15000yen, I bring along with me.

I use Yoshida trail because I would like to see sun coming even if I could not make it to the summit.

Jul 6
After you reached the summit, wait for the sun coming. Bring winter cloths because my friend told me this is the coldest part.

After Sunrise, go down yoshida trail.

Catch bus back to Shinjuku.


Comment from us
Well, I think you can make this as a overnight trekking plan.

But you might not see or feel the beauty of Mt.Fuji but leave you extra tiredness.

If your time is limited and If you just experience to see the sun coming, this would work.

Make sure you have well prepared yourself, train yourself!