Looking for Discounted Shinkansen ticket? How to find them?

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Many Japanese people travel by Shinkansen(Bullet Train) but Do you know many of them are traveling with discounted Shinkansen ticket?

Most of Non-Japanese travelers can buy “JAPAN RAIL PASS” however we, Japanese are not entitled to buy them.

If you wish to travel with normal Shinkansen ticket, Visit some shops that selling cheap ticket.

The shops looks like this!


They are selling the normal Shinkansen ticket and also other Train ticket like local train or JR fast train.
It can be easy to find these shops if you know the Japanese word “KAKUYASU ticket”.
“KAKUYASU”means cheap, so if you can ask Japanese people around you or tourist information, Maybe you are able to find these discounted ticket.

If you would like to get on ONLINE, we have found this web site:

22% Discount! E-Voucher for Kyoto Bullet Train Open Ticket Package & Kyoto Sightseeing One-day Pass

20% Discount! E-Voucher for Osaka Bullet Train Open Ticket Package &Osaka One-day Pass

We will update more information as soon as we find a nicer one!