Spring tour in Japan | Sakura and more

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Visiting Japan in Late March to early April?

You are visiting Japan in one of THE BEST time!!!

If you are vising Japan in Spring from March to April, you must see 3 things here!


Sakura is very popular flower in Japan. Sakura means Cherry blossoms in English.
We, Japanese DO LOVE sakura because its so beautiful and can feel our fresh season.

Many people travel to see the most beautiful Sakura trees in Japan.
Our partner also have some tours to take you to one of the best places for Cherry Blossoms.
>>>>>Sakura season tour (tour for spring)

The are opening from final week to March, continuing till 2nd or 3rd week of April.
If you are visiting Tohoku area (North part of Japan), you will be able to see Sakura also in early May.


Spring is the time to see Snow covered Mt.Fuji.
If you are visiting in summer to climb Mt.Fuji, you cannot see its snow covered.

1-Day Premium Mt. Fuji & Hakone Tour is very nice opportunity for you to see the most beautiful mountain in Japan.

photo from JAPANiCAN.com


There are many festivals.
They are mostly held in the weekend.

Please contact to one of the tourist information for nearest festival information.

excited to visit japan?

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