Climbing Mount Fuji

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My. Fuji is the most famous mountain in Japan. Especially ever since it has become world heritage site, more and more people come to there not only Japanese but also  foreign tourists. I also had climbed Mt. Fuji in the past. According to my experience of that, I would highly recommend you to climb Mt. Fuji when you travel to Japan. I am going to explain why you should try to go to Mt. Fuji.
Before I explain how excellent climbing Mt. Fuji is, I have to talk about what you should be careful when you climb Mt. Fuji. First, you have to choose the best season. For example, you cannot allow to climb Mt. Fuji in the winter. Even if in summer, you must bring a jacket because you will be freezing without it at night. In addition, you need to prepare some tools such as flashlight, climbing boots etc. At night in the Mt. Fuji, there are not lights, so you need to turn on your flashlight to walk safely along the way. As for climbing boots, there are some places with bad footing so you must wear them to protect yourself. Moreover, you also should prepare some easy foods such as rice ball or fruits and water because there are not so many places you can purchase them in Mt. Fuji and they are much more expensive than in town. In order to reach the top, you must get energy from some foods while climbing.
Next, I am going to talk about good points of climbing Mt. Fuji. First, Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan as you know. Therefore, you can see beautiful sunrise from top of the mountain. Of course it is not easy to reach the top of Mt. Fuji, however you feel fulfillment after you finish climbing.
Second, you can see so many shooting stars easily. There are Yamagoya which is Japanese style of house before you reach the top of the Mt. Fuji. In Yamagoya, you can take a rest and short sleep and see so beautiful shooting stars outside at night. Actually, I was touched so much when I saw them because I had not seen such a lot of them.
Third, you can access there easily from Tokyo area by bus or by bullet train. In my opinion, guided tour is the easiest way to go there because bus is included in the tour and a guide will take care of you safely and comfortably to the top. Moreover, some tours stop by hot spring after climb Mt. Fuji, so you can enjoy Japanese style bath and recover your tired body.
Because of three reasons , I believe climbing Mt. Fuji must be great experience to you. I would also recommend you visit to some places in Shizuoka prefecture which is located Mt. Fuji. There are places tourists can enjoy near Mt. Fuji such as a beautiful lake, an animal park and an amusement park. I believe foreign tourists would love to visit not only Mt. Fuji, but also these famous places in Shizuoka prefecture.