What is Pachinko? Video available how people are playing!

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Have you ever noticed the flashy building with huge sound coming from?

That is Pachinko game place.

It can be nice to JUST SEE inside, NOT playing because you might lose all your money for traveling Japan.

One time, I brought my friends just to have a look at of inside of Pachinko shop.

Then, my friend told me”oh no, Pachinko makes you deaf!”

Have you been inside of Pachinko shop? It looks like this!
pati (2)

Pachinko is Japanese gamble, It has many lights and funny video going on if you are close to chance.

Some of them just earn more than $3000 in a day.


you can easily notice the person who are winning by seeing tons of pinball box piling up behind them.

If you would like to try, Decide the price you would spend.

If you play with 1000yen, it will finish less than 10 minutes, but if you win immediately it can be continue more…

For more instruction, you are better to ask at shop.

See this video how people are enjoying Pachinko. Warning: Sound coming from Video.

Go on to 1minutes and 30 seconds, then you can see how people are enjoy playing.